Laval Travel

Are you planning on using the Société de transport de Laval (STL) bus service in the city of Laval? Do you wish there was a live map of all the buses and their stops? Laval Travel's got you covered! Laval Travel is a web application that shows all available STL bus routes and their stops in approximately real time. The map shows all buses (green dots) traveling on their respective routes on the already familiar Google Maps. You can select a specific route and the appropriate bus will be highlighted. Fare information will be displayed in a popup for your convenience. Each bus stop on the route is interactive and contains estimated time of arrival (ETA) information or departure time, whichever information is more beneficial for the user at that point in time. It will also display if the bus is delayed. We also present customized points of interests for each bus stop. Laval Travel is your pocket map for exploration and discovery!

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