City Adventure

Feeling bored? Want to go on a pup crawl or scavenger hunt with your friends? or just want to explore places you've never been in your city?

City Adventure allows you to get on an exciting journey without knowing what is going to happen. Just choose a category of points of interest from our list, and let the SURPRISE ME button surprise you with a nearby location that's got the best reviews. When you get to the suggested place, click Check-In to automatically generate the next one. Clicking Get Direction will open Google Maps and helps you navigate there.

If you don't feel like going to the suggested place, just hit SURPRISE ME again anytime to get a new location.

Grab your phone or tablet and start exploring now!

============= Future improvements will include:

  • a finish button that leads to a summary page of the journey
  • a social aspect to the app where people can meet other City Adventurers looking for similar places nearby!

Try it out