Beautiful Amazing Ex-Girlfriend Tracker

Hey! Do you have many beautiful ex-girlfriends? Do they have red purses or wear obnoxious pink/maroon Canada Gooses? Want to feel bad about yourself while she has fun with a guy who doesn't have self-esteem problems, while watching? Hate Valentines day? Well if you managed to match this very narrow demographic, we have very good news for you! Now with our BAEGT Device, you can make up for your for all your deficiencies. Never feel like you're a nobody again!

/* All jokes aside, what we actually aimed to do with our project, was to provide a basis for a personal drone assistant. We currently pulled together some form of person tracking (tracks people with red bags). Additionally, we incorporated the Yellow API so you can use the Drone as a personal guide to nearby locations of interest.

Some of the possible uses that inspired us to work on this projects were third person filming (think goPro but 3rd person shooter) and acting as a personal tour guide. In the future we plan on implementing some form of speech recognition and interaction, but currently the noise of the fans are too loud to do so. */

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