While hacking, have you ever thought "Man, where's that API guy?" or "There are literally 30 python developers in this room, and I can't find any of them"... Well, SmapChat makes finding the right person in a crowd easy.

Based on AngularJS and Django, SmapChat helps you connect with event attendees through real-time location-based chat! Through the SmapChat platform, organizers may create new events, and each event has its own maps and chats. Attendees pin their location at the event and can set a status message at their pin, or select other users to begin a chat. To take your collaboration with coders and organizers further, we enable you to phone and email those near you too. And last but not least, signup is a breeze with Facebook OAuth.

To top it off, everything is deployed smoothly by Jenkins onto ultra-quick DigitalOcean servers.

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