Annoying and incompetent chatbots are in and this time you can join the fun! With Youbot, you can create a bot based on yourself. Tested on a low-end Nokia Lumia, this program should run on any Windows Phone 8.0 device without any hindrance.

With this app, you can opt to talk with the native bot, ELIZA's doge or with your robotized self! Included with a retro and "state-of-the-art GOFAI" algorithm, the app creates a bot that should half sound like you, and half sound like a generic bot!

To further celebrate the existence of the bot, you can also have the bot-generated texts read out to you in a robotic fashion.

And for those who can program: thanks to the high-tech technology XML, you can create or edit a bot easier - unlike the original ELIZA with clunky BASIC code with bunches of GOTO statements.

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