Complimentio - The Anonymous Compliment Texter

I started McHacks completely lost as to what I could code. However, after a day of exploring Canada I was overcome with how nice everyone was to me. With this inspiration, my 2AM self decided to create Complimentio (compliments sent via Twilio), the texting tool that allows you to anonymously send compliments to your friends and family. Because who doesn't like having a general boost in confidence :)

Send any of these commands to 1-626-774-7161:

(phone number) -> Sends a random compliment

(phone number) *funny -> Sends a funny compliment

(phone number) (compliment) -> Sends a custom compliment

And the best part is that if someone texts back, they just get the directions to send their own uplifting text =]

Please spread this everywhere and please do not abuse it, thank you very much and have a nice day :)

Texting supported by Twilio and hosted on DigitalOcean servers (Domain by Namecheap)

(Also I like your pants)

Try it out