AttendApp is a real-time attendance tool, perfect for keeping track of how many guests are at your meetup or which of your contacts have already checked in. Our goal was to build a technology platform to help build local community while empowering group organizers with information about their own group's attendance patterns.

How it Works (Web): From the website, would-be attendees and organizers alike can see a list of events currently in progress, see who is currently "leading" that event in attendance confirmations, and a real-time feed of attendance activity for that event. Organizers can also use the site to enable AttendApp for their events.

How it Works (Mobile): On the mobile app, event-goers can register themselves for events, see who in their contacts is already self-identified as attending, and see a list of other users who are not in their contacts but who have already checked in. Organizers can also enable AttendApp for their event through the mobile platform and will still be able to view the real-time feed on the website.

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